A unique event hosting online platform devised to benefit talents and hosts from around the globe.

We are a one-stop solution for all your dreams. We essentially host a multitude of online events in varied categories that are customized for aspiring individuals wishing to leverage their identity as a weapon and gain fame in a short span of time. And not just that, our platform equally extends its structured framework for the hosts to reap similar and unparalleled benefits. Got the zeal? Flaunt your Pik with Pikapik!

Who are we?

We are the believers. Contemplating the zest and potential of what an individual can behold, we offer an internet-based platform for channelizing their energies. Our website hosts multiple events in different categories for college festivals, organizational programmes, social broadcasts or solicited by companies and other corporate sectors. The recreational events can be anything such as visual art, performances, videos, Talent Hunt, Most popular face, spread the word, and oh what not! Essentially, the list goes on forever. The basic idea is to build enthusiasm and passion in the lives of individuals and outgrow their reach to a wider audience across the globe. Apart from that, we take it upon oneself to popularize a social cause or impart a noteworthy message to the society for as long as we are existing!

How it works?

Our procedures are clear as crystal. Your journey starts after successfully creating a Pikapik profile. Glance through the catalog of online events & competitions that goes live for a fixed duration and settle on the ones you wish for. Upload your best content in accordance with the eligibility criteria of the contests you are participating in and gear up for the show! Share your post on social media channels like Facebook & Whatsapp until the timer runs and gather superabundant votes; or in our language “Pik”. Finally, when the clock completes the allocated timescale, the respective event will eventually come to a halt and the contestant having the maximum number of “Pik” on their content will be declared the winner! Also, to keep up a transparency, we have given the audience an upper hand and hence, the whole judgment will revolve around them.

So, is there any limitation?
That’s the best part.
We understand the avidity of young hearts and therefore haven’t set any boundary! Fair enough?

Our Mission

Fundamentally, our aim is to support and outspread talents on a unified journey. We thrive to get every deserving soul on-board and help them unleash their X Factor. Irrespective of the geographical, economic, and financial stature, we wish to provide a unique appreciation platform to every deserving talent across the globe and build connections as we grow.

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