1) Who are we ?
- pikapik.in is a social media website which hosts online fun events. We host events in form of competitions in which the participants are asked to upload content from their pikapik profiles. The users of pikapik can pik one or multiple content on the page which appeals to them. There is a set deadline for each event, and at the end of the deadline, the participant who has the highest number of piks on his content is declared the winner. The website promotes positive competition among the competitors.
2) How can i participate in the event ?
-To participate in any event all you need to do is to select the event and upload the required content..
3)How do i login on the website ?
- You can login through your facebook account on the website.
4)How can i upload a pik?
- - All you need to do is to select ‘upload a pik’ and select a picture from your device and upload in the respective event.
5) What is the eligibility of an event ?
- -The eligibility of every event is different and is mentioned in the event details.
6)What is event rules ?
- Every event has different rules that complies the satisfying conditions regarding the participation in the event .
7)How can i remove a pik ?
- -You can remove the pik by selecting the ‘remove pik’ option given in the pik page.
8) How can i ‘PIK’ a content?
-You can ‘PIK’ a content by logging in through facebook and clicking on the ‘PIK’ button on the content. -
9) How can i share my content ?
- You can share your content by clicking on the share button and share it on the social media platforms.