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How it works?

We host online events in form of competitions which is allocated with a fixed period of time and is judged by the audience. The participants are expected to upload their content from their pikapik profile whichever they may prefer fit for the respective event. The contributor shares their post amongst other individuals globally who can vote ”pik” for one or multiple content in the event which appeals to them, which leads to the participants rank in the competition. There is a set deadline for each event and the timer runs in accordance with the allotted time for the respective event, at the end of the which the participant with the highest number of votes “pik” on their content is declared the winner.

Who are we?

We are a crowdsourcing marketplace to spread the best talent globally. A social media website which hosts online events. We host a number of events in different categories in college festivals, organization programmes, social programmes or solicited by companies and other corporate sectors.
We provide a platform to showcase an individual’s skills and to create an audience, to participate and host various events for free and an opportunity for the organizations and institutions for crowdsourcing of talent and to host events in different formats.
The objective of hosting these events is aimed at to create zeal and enthusiasm amongst students and different individuals in the organization to canvas and solicit support for the participants and to provide an opportunity to reach the masses enormously.
The events are judged by the audience and ranges from fun events, popularising a particular social cause or imparting a particular message to the society, Visual art, Performances Art, Video, Talent Hunt, Most popular face, spread the word and many more. A one stop destination for all.

Our Growth Story

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Our Mission

Primarily our objective is to spread an individual’s talent which may be appreciated by a number of other individuals who may affirm their talent by voting for the best participant. We aim to emerge as a unique stage for all to bring the best of talent from every corner of the world irrespective of their geographical base or economical or financial stature to give their work a recognition and to share the best talent globally, amongst a majority of people.